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Red dawns 9: Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj / HAWBFA

08 Marec 2008

Habits are Worth Being Fanatical About thematizes the female figure in popular culture. Female body is robbed off its personality and feelings, it is only a point of pleasure, an idea, a bate for selling products – and selling the female body. The dance performance is put in a peep show ambient that positions the audience as voyeurs, the dancer getting all the attention, thus behaving in more ekstravagant ways in order to get the voyeur's attention. The performance is inspired by the works of photographer David LaChapell.

Concept, choereography, dancers: Nina Fajdiga, Jasmina Križaj
Music, visuals: Peter Auguštiner
Production: DWA – Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam

Jasmina Križaj

born in Maribor in 1982, very early discovered the interesting things she could do with her body, first in sports and later in dance. She graduated from choreography in Amsterdam at Theaterschool, department of New Dance Development in 2006. Since then and during her studies she cooperated with many recognized Slovenian choreographers (Snježana Premuš, Matej Kejžar, Mojca Kasjak, Vlasta Veselko). In Amsterdam she started with her own works and ideas, shows Cross My Desert with That Cheap Talk You've Set and Zebra in the Hair Saloon she performed on international festivals like Act Festival in Bilbao, where she won the first prize for new creation (Zebra in the Hair Saloon) in 2006. She also collaborated and is still working with choreographers internationally. Some of her works are Mornarjev valček, Čarovnikovi učenci, Pošasti, Zebra v frizerskem salonu, V senci prestiža,…
Nina Fajdiga,

born in Ljubljana in 1979 started dancing jazz and step at age six. She later discovered the world of modern dance art and danced in many shows. She is graduating this year from choreography at Theaterschool, department of New Dance Development in Amsterdam. In 2005 she presented her first solo project called Debris (Ostanki) in Chile and Uruguay on dance festivals. She collaborated with choreographers David Zambrano, Pere Faura, Georg Hobmaier, and others. Some of her works are Freedoll, SamenLeven, ChitChat, Debris, Made of Iron; Fe.male.

Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Krizaj Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Krizaj