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Katarina Zdjelar: Do one thing passenger that helps

04 Avgust 2011 00:00

Do one thing I am the one who cares, was the motto of 2011 year's World Refugee Day and the sentence was said by a non Slovene -speaking participant of the event. Katarina Zdejlar explores processes of self-realization with all their paradoxes, promises and failures. She works with non-authoritarian and marginal voices (children, amateures, immigrants) who are in the process of training or acquiring a new languge or skill.

Language learning is of particular significance for Zdjelar as this is a codified method the cultural integration not only involving a symbolic „rite of passage“ of the uprooted individual. But also the very material and coporeal affects shaping this „speaking body“.

Looking at these procedures of molding an individual or a group of people, her interest lies in one's participation in the production of neutrality. It is when this Participation is joined with a resistance to adapt, that a third possibility is born. What concernes Zdejlar is the new subject that is born out of such often physically and psychologically challenging and painful processes of transformation, such as in the video piece Today's motto is „Do one thing passengers that one helps“ made in Ljubljana during her residency at Tobačna 001.
When it took place:  4th-28th August 2011

Location: Cultural Centre Tobačna 001
State: Slovenia
City: Ljubljana

Artist: Katarina Zdjelar (camera: Katarina Zdjelar, Vladan Jankovic, Mirwais Tokhi, sound: Maziar Afrassiabi, Mask: Vanja Djuran)

Camera: Dominik Mahnič
Sound: Dominik Mahnič
Cut: Dominik Mahnič
Interview: Dominik Mahnič