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Having a cup of tea / Tea parties archive


15 September 2009 19:00
The Tea Party for Contemporary Art / 28.Biennial of graphic arts
On this occasion, the Tea Party for Contemporary Art presents a panel of guests who will acquaint visitors with the importance of having a large exhibition site, which...more->>>


15 September 2008 20:00
XXII. Čajanka za sodobno umetnost
Jesensko sezono Čajank za sodobno umetnost bomo odprli z predstavitvijo umetnikov mlajše generacije. Tokrat se bomo pogovarjali z umetniškim tandemom Niko Oblak... more->>>

05 May 2008 20:00
Slovenski strip
V preteklem letu je Iztok Sitar izdal pregled slovenskega stripa od njegovih začetkov leta 1927 do danes. Od posameznih pionirjev slovenskega stripa je v obdobju zadnjih... more->>>

07 April 2008 20:00
Pisanje o umetnosti
Pisanje o umetnosti je vedno znova aktualna tema, hkrati je občutljiva točka, v kateri se sooča vrsta vprašanj: Komu so besedila o umetnosti namenjena, kdo jih naroča in kdo...more->>>

18 February 2008 20:00
IXX. Čajanka za sodobno umetnost
Sezono Čajank za sodobno umetnost bomo odprli z predstavitvijo umetnikov mlajše generacije. Tokrat se bomo pogovarjali z umetnicama Robertino Šebjanič in... more->>>


03 December 2007 20:00
New Media and the Role of the New Media Curator
New media is often limited by time, is not permanent, cannot necessarily be repeated due to the investigation of new expressive fields, whereas on the other hand it can go on... more->>>

20 November 2007 19:00
Tourism in Art 1.2
Besides the Venice Biennial, Documenta in Kassel and Skulpturprojekte Münster have also opened the doors of their exhibiting spaces this summer. Many have also...more->>>

01 October 2007 20:00
Tourism in Art – A View of This Year’s Art Venues: 12th Documenta, Venice Biennial, Prague Biennial, Skulpturprojekte Münster
Besides the Venice Biennial, Documenta in Kassel and Skulpturprojekte Münster have also opened the doors of their exhibiting spaces this summer. Many have also included... more->>>

08 September 2007 20:00
International Biennial of Graphic Arts: From Drypoint to Stickers
In 2001, on the occasion of the revamped 24th Graphic Arts Biennial Breda Škrjanec wrote: “I am joining those who claim that what is essential in the graphic arts is not... more->>>

18 June 2007 20:00
National Programme for Culture
The Tea Party dealing with the subject of the National Programme for Culture proceeded as a conversation with guests Maja Breznik, Marina Gržinič, Janez Janša, Tone Peršak and Jasmina Založnik... more->>>

14 May 2007 20:00
Street Art
The Tea Party, which was prepared by Mateja Fajt, Sandi Abram and Gregor Bulc, addressed the notion of Street Art in the Slovenian art arena and exposed the question whether... more->>>

02 April 2007 20:00
The Tea Party addressed the notion and examples of artivism, where activists in direct political actions in public spaces use the methods belonging to the visual practices... more->>>

05 March 2007 20:00
U3: A Chat with Jurij Krpan
At the end of the 5th U3 Triennial of Slovenian Contemporary Art a debate with the selector Jurij Krpan was opened up at the Tea Party regarding the concepts of his selection...more->>>

05 February 2007 20:00
31st Bologna Art Fair Artefiera Art First 2007
The Tea Party looked at the presentation of the Artefiera fair in Bologna and put into question how current policy keeps in touch with and supports presentations of... more->>>

08 January 2007 20:00
Residential Art Centres
At the first Tea Party of 2007 Julij Borštnik and Vita Žgur presented the research on European residential art centres which was prepared for U3. The problem of the... more->>>


04 December 2006 20:00
Igor Zabel, Essays on Modern and Contemporary Art I, *cf
A review of the first part of the posthumous issue of critiques by Igor Zabel was presented at the Tea Party. The work opens up relevant questions on the transition of art from...more->>>

13 November 2006 20:00
Public monuments at the beginning of the 21st century
On the occasion of the issue of the miscellany by the Sculpture Association which deals with sculpture in public places, a ‘continuation’ of this debate from a different perspective... more->>>

02 October 2006 20:00
Ars Electronica
The concept and works exhibited at the Ars Electronica festival of new media art in Linz were presented in this session of the Tea Party. more->>>

04 September 2006 20:00
Understanding the Specifics of Criticism of Chinese Contemporary Art
Ida Hiršenfelder presented certain Chinese artists, their activities and greater social implications applicable to China. more->>>

05 June 2006 20:00
Arthur C. Danto, The Death of Art
The second meeting discussed art terminology, dealing with the notion of the death of art, which was introduced by Hegel and was according to Arthur C. Danto, from the... more->>>

08 May 2006 20:00
Walter Benjamin: The Aura of the Work of Art in the Time of Technical Reproduction
Here Benjamin’s modernist notion of the aura of the work of art and its apparent decline was explored both in the formal sense of its media, as well as in terms of content and...more->>>

03 April 2006 20:00
Institutional and Non-Institutional Art Spaces
When the old Rog Factory began to be used for outside-institution activities in the art sphere, the Tea Party dealt with their background, programme and general concept of... more->>>

27 February 2006 20:00
Problems in Education within the Contemporary Art Field
At the first Tea Party the conversation addressed the current state of art education, from existing institutions to the possibility of extracurricular training. The lack of...more->>>

Contemporary Art Tea Parties were monthly meetings, which were promoting discussion and dialogue within contemporary art. The meetings were open to all who wished to establish a constructive dialogue, increase and exchange their knowledge on topical subjects within contemporary art. Through the Contemporary Art Tea Parties, it was our endeavour to encourage an all too needed communication within the Slovenian art arena. The tea parties were held every first Monday of the month at 8 pm at the Alkatraz Gallery, AKC Metelkova City.

Contemporary Art Tea Parties were prepared byPetja Grafenauer Krnc, Jadranka Ljubičič and Zoran Srdić in the production of KUD Mreža, of Alkatraz Gallery and GULAG Institute for Contemporary Arts. The organisers extend their thanks to the following in the realization of the Tea Parties: Sandi Abram, Julijan Borštnik, Maja Breznik, Gregor Bulc, Miha Colnar, Nikolai Jeffs, Mateja Fajt, Tine Frece, Marina Gržinič, Ida Hiršenfelder, Janez Janša, Tina Jazbec, Urša Jurman, Gorazd Krnc, Jurij Krpan, Tone Peršak, Andrej Pavlišič, Tadej Pogačar, Lidija Radojevič, Mitja Velikonja, Maja Založnik, Jasmina Založnik, Vita Žgur, P74 Center and Gallery, KUD Modri krog and Rog Factory.

Contemporary Art Tea Parties were supported by Ljubljana Municipality – Department for Culture and Research Activity.

Text: Petja Grafenauer Krnc, Jadranka Ljubičič and Zoran Srdić

Translation into English: Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi

Proofreading in Slovene: Jana Putrle Srdić

Graphic design: Gorazd Krnc

Illustrations: Zoran Srdić