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Exhibition of students’ work, a part of “Map in Motion” Festival

14 July 2014 > 16 July 2014 You are cordially invited to the exhibition of artworks by students of School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, on Monday 14 June 2014, with a guided tour at 7.30 pm and opening at 8 pm. Opening hours of the gallery at the first day of the exhibition: 11 am - 2.30 pm & 3.30 - 8 pm.

In the context of Media Arts and Practices study programme, the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, in cooperation with the Academy of Applied Arts of University of Rijeka, Graz University of Technology and University of Udine, as partner institutions in ADRIART project, is organizing a festival called MAP in MOTION, which is being held separately at different locations.

Exhibition of students' work at Alkatraz Gallery is a part of the MAP in MOTION festival and will include works of: Lavoslava Benčić, Iva Musović, Urška Djukić, Polona Zupan aka Pila Rusjan, Valerija Zabret aka Valerie Wolf Gang, Liberta Mišan, Sara Salamon, Nina Zimmermann, and Monika Rusak.  It will be on display until the 16th June.

Apart form the exhibition The Ljubljana edition of the MAP in MOTION festival will include a symposium, a late summer screening and a dance-theatre show. The symposium will present specific progressive parts of the internationally oriented master programme in Media Arts and Practices. An important part of the symposium presents the artist talk, where artists-students are given the possibility to present their work. In the last part of the symposium we invite to an public discussion »Studying in art – Studio in the city«, and later in the evening to a guided tour and vernissage of the exhibition of works by students from University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and Academy of Applied Arts of University of Rijeka in Alkatraz Gallery.

Andreja Leban

For more information about the symposium and the entire program click the following link.

For more information, please write to: Andreja Leban,
Phone: 05 3315 397,
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Polona Zupan, Odsev Nezavednega, foto: Tina Smrekar Iva Musovic, Indistinct Conversation Valerija Zabret, Distant Memory