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Vocal Swarming of Matica*

27 September 2012 > 05 October 2012 We are inviting you to the Common exhibition project Vocal Swarming of Matica, on Thursday, 27th September at 8 pm to the Alkatraz Gallery.
Kindly invited also to the events within the exhibition.

Common exhibition project Vocal Swarming of Matica

The marking of the the 120th Anniversary of the Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana.

* Matica is a queen bee in Slovene language

The exhibition Vocal Swarming of Matica at the Alkatraz Gallery was put together by:

Jasmina Antonić Babnik, Ana Čakš, Davorina Čebular, Aleksandra Jamnik, Olga Drabik Jug, Mateja Kobal, Metka Penko Natlačen, Rok Platinovšek, Denis Tekavec and Danijela Zajc

The events within the exhibition:

Thursday, 27th September, at 8:00pm, Alkatraz Gallery
The exhibition opening

Tuesday 2nd October, at 8:00 pm, Alkatraz Gallery
Round table About The Time of ‘Matica’ – at Present and in the Past
The anticipated participants: Tomaž Tozon, dr. Natasa Krstulovič, Avgust Pevec, Saša Kokol, Meta Žužek Nose, Rezka Rešek, Karli Vugrinec, Sandra Jamnik, Majda Jordovič, Martin, a high-school graduate – the youngest member of the Mixed Choir of Philharmonic Society, and more. Moderators: Metka Penko Natlačen and Stane Papež.

Wednesday, 3rd October, at 8:00 pm, Alkatraz Gallery
Public singing practice with Špela Podgoršek.
Kindly invited to a public practice: the current and the singers from the past as well as anyone who likes to sing. After the rehearsal a group reciting of a Poem on the Glasbena Matica, dedicated to Špela. After the practice a showing of old GM attires – should you still remember them – and afterwards socializing with the members of the choir.

Friday, 5th October, at 8:00 pm, Alkatraz Gallery
What we do when we do not sing. Representatives of ‘our’ painters, poets and poetesses, dancers and multi-creators, who, besides singing, can do much more, followed by socializing of the guests and singers.

At the last year’s 120th anniversary of the Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana we decided to mark this anniversary in a different manner. We have prepared an exhibition dedicated to the current situation of the choir; the members, activities and some interesting events from the choir’s history. Due to the specifics of the Alkatraz Gallery venue, and the Autonomous Cultural Centre of Metelkova City, we have decided to arrange an exhibition in a more contemporary, rather than classic way. Instead of a museological presentation of the historically important exhibits, we have decided for a more playful approach, more inherent to the dynamics of our choir. Besides the application of contemporary techniques like the video, we shall include in our presentation a review of the choir’s history in the form of catching pieces and details as well as a kind of an interactive low budget game tailored to our requirements. The execution of the exhibition is based on the DIY principle, as the idea, its creation and the putting up of the exhibition is the work of a small number of the singers, in attempt to follow a non-hierarchical and equal engagement of all the involved at its conception, and realization. Like on the choir’s tours, the opening shall offer an insight into the backstage activities, socializing always accompanied by lots of singing, fun and good cheer, while at the time of the exhibition also offering a series of accompanying events.

Danijela Zajc

About the choir’s history

The Mixed Choir of Glasbena Matica Ljubljana has a rich history – it has been operational continuously ever since 1891, within the – back then – already established and recognized Association of Glasbena Matica. The mentioned association was founded by the nationally minded Slovenians as well as music- and choir-lovers in 1872, at the time of the Spring of Nations. The Slovenian musical education, the vocal and instrumental creative as well as interpretative music had been vitally connected all the way until the Second World War. After 1945, the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana was – of all its former activities - only allowed to keep its choir, and its real assets were confiscated. The head of the Glasbena Matica at the time, dr. Ravnihar commented on the ban of the integral operation of the Association of the Glasbena Matica in his paper of a meaningful title: ‘Ad aeternam memoriam’ i.e. ‘In Eternal Memory’. The choir represents the ‘fil rouge’ of the association’s activity, and - thanks to the choir – it gained back some of its real assets ten years ago. So last year (2011) the Mixed Choir celebrated its 120th anniversary as one of the oldest continuously operating Slovenian choirs.

Enjoy the exhibition as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Welcome!

Metka Penko Natlačen

Production: Mixed Choir of Glasbena Matica
Support: Cultural Association of Glasbena Matica Ljubljana; KUD Mreža/Alkatraz Gallery
Matica thanks to: Blaž Gale, Ana Grobler, Megacop, Martin Osredkar, Jadranka Plut, Leigh SanJuan, Danica Štajer, Katarina Torkar Papež, City Library of Ljubljana – Šiška Branch, all the interviewees.

Logotype of the Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana_fphoto: Stane Papež Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana_photo: Denis Tekavec Mixed Choir of the Glasbena Matica Ljubljana