Opening hours:
Monday - Friday:
11am - 7pm


20 April 2012 Participating artists:Justine Blau, Ermanno Cristini, Tanja Lažetić, Mirko Smerdel, Alessandro Roma,
Tommaso Tozzi, Enzo Umbaca, Freek Wambacq, Marco Zuercher & Matteo Terzaghi

Photography: Dejan Habicht
Curator: Alessandro Castiglioni
The event will take place on the 20th of April 2012, from 6pm until midnight.

The question

Inside the process of endless cross-references among object-documentation-information, which are the very center of  research in Roaming, a special critical position is taken up from the question of  the authenticity of  every  piece of art.

In which specific point of the system is it placed?

Has it a proper autonomy outside the system itself?

As Nelson Goodman wrote in his assay Art and Authenticity:

“The critical question is therefore as follows: does any aesthetic difference exist between two paintings for X in T, where T stays for a certain period, if X is not able to distinguish them just by looking at them in T? It is to say, in other words, can what X is not able to see just by looking at the paintings in T make an aesthetic difference between them for X in T?”


A further step into this question is going to be featured by the show COPY–LEFT.

With this title, that corresponds to a way of managing copyright opposit to the rigid rules of usual copyright, Roaming refers to a dimension based on sharing and spreading knowledges, that will be shown in a final exhibition as the crisis of authenticity  (or singularity) of each piece selected for the show.

An answer

A simple photocopying machine will be available to the public and placed in the very center of the exhibition.

We will not ask the artists invited for the show original pieces, but just matrix that people can photocopy according to their immagination and free choice.

In the end, “the original pieces”, if so we can consider them, will be only visible on-line, just during the few hours of the opening time.

Alessandro Castiglioni (translated by Lidia Sanvito)

Roaming, based upon an idea by Ermanno Cristini, consists of a series of exhibitions, curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, that last only the time of their inauguration. Like flashes surviving in the photographer’s finger, then floating in the indistinct dimension of the web.Located in strong and representative spaces, the exhibitions are characterized by their rapidity and the way the space is occupied.The artists change every step, and the artworks mark a discreet presence which allows them to be discovered gradually, as though they show themselves only at a second glance. This is in open contrast with the fugitiveness and transience of the event.

What Roaming activates can be called a polarity breakaway: littleness as opposed to the greatness of the spaces, emptiness as opposed to the fullness by the public at the inauguration, the delay with regard to the acceleration of the event, the reality with regard to its representation, the physical with regard to the virtual

Starting from May 2008 Roaming has been travelling to 20th different places: Officine Creative in  Barasso (I ; Assab One in Milan (I); Musée St-Denis in Paris (F); Manifesta 7 in Bozen (I); Artintown in Torino (I); La Rada in Locarno (CH); Stazione Rogers in Trieste (I); 91mQ in Berlin (D); Neon-Campobase in Bologna (I); Mestna Galerija in Nova Gorica (SLO), Condotto C in Rome (I); Vyšehradská 26 in Prague (CZ); CeSAC Center for Contemporary Art Filatoio, in Caraglio (I); Forum Stadtpark in Graz (A); Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce in Genua (I). Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne, on the occasion of Les Urbaines Emerging Arts Festival (CH); ARCO International Art Fair in Madrid (E);  Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich (CH); Museo Riso in Palermo (I);  Teatro Margherita in Bari (I)

More about the project at Roaming and Copy-Left (Web:

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