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Tilen Žbona / Syntetic Discrown II – Oscilation of the Truth II

29 November 2010 > 20 December 2010 Gallery V42, Ljubljana in collaboration with Alkatraz gallery

New-media art is a dynamic field marked by continuous technological developments, identification and tracing of unknown fields, intertwinement of disciplines, commitment to critical reflection and social discourse.

Tilen Žbona in his project Syntetic Discrown II – Oscilation of Truth II interweaves various approaches and disciplines. He is interested in the way a spectator responds to the experiential and perceptual impulses. He focuses his research on the communication with the spectator, interactively responding to the impulses in the space. The computer installation assembled from various objects, directs the viewer’s impulses, assuming the function of a subject that the artist has implemented with cognitive capacities.

Through interactivity, seeking various ways of communication with the spectator, the latter becomes an active observer of the artwork. From a passive receiver the spectator is transformed into an active user of the »application«, thus co-designing the meanings of the artwork, not dealing only with the labelling (expressive) nor only with labelled (contents-related) levels, but also with the methods or principles of coding themselves, hence with the relations between the designating and the designated that he/she questions.

The technique serves the artist as a tool to express emotional and aesthetic principles. The purpose is no longer exploration of the capacity the technique offers us; but the establishment of a system that opens new possibilities of recognition and comprehension of aesthetic and social meanings that is essential. Here, the meaning is linked to the question of a relation between the subjects towards the existing (dominating) discourses or the question of its possibilities in connection with this particular relation.

The system that the artist establishes within the gallery space, can be interpreted as a construct of the social system of individuals within a community creating relations among active participants. Hence positions on micro-macro levels are formed, creating apparent equality and possibility of a free participation of the subject in the formed community. The exhibition does not focus on one pole of questions and the search for answers, but seems to be very varied; at the first sight unrelated questions are posed simultaneously to indicate their ultimate intrinsic complex intertwinement determining the nature of the system itself, while at the same time taking on the characteristics of an ultimately speculative structure.

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