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Unfamiliar Area | Tian Breznik, Ana Meisel: “Blink”

17 April 2024 > 17 May 2024 Kindly invited to the mini online exhibition "Blink" by Tian Breznik and Ana Meisel, which is a part of Unfamiliar Area project.

The seductive gaze – the most apparent asset of the website Blink – is eventually covered by the spread tabloid net.

The web page, the work of the web developers, Tian Breznik and Ana Meisel, is user unfriendly and intentionally unconnected design-wise. It consists of randomly generated content, roughly inserted into temporarily uniformed windows. Each window offers only a few initial moments of concentrated readability, as over time it becomes increasingly difficult to capture its textual and pictorial message. It selfishly craves attention and exists individually, out of sync with its surroundings.

Difficult to perceive pulsating images, superficial overlays and mixing of typography create illegibility, which is further pronounced by their multi-layered nature. Additionally, every time we refresh the page, its content is completely updated.

The web page is based on the data immediacy and acts as an interface through which information is served With their programming skills and through open source interfaces the authors made use of databases such as Google News, Vinted, Ebay, Giphy, Appnexus,... The domain is thus connected to many ends in the infrastructure of the Internet: war reporting, sales ads, graphic sexual displays, current articles, analytics in graphs, gifs, commercials, etc., are presented in the form of engineered over-fulfilled functional glitches. A computer glitch imitates an error that occurs naturally. The human-like tic gives the digital work a characteristic of liveliness, anthropomorphizing it into a chaotic, anxious blink out of and into reality.

By opening the page, we therefore get an insight into the condition of the eye, which updates the data in 'blink format'. Blink, treated also like flicker, has a lot of confidence and is basically an HTML page pimp – in this case, with each click, we lose more control.

With the desired static, during the search for display logic, we cannot find a solution for optimal perception. The content is elusive just like the attention-span of the user. The simulation of oversaturation turns the viewer's fascination into a release valve; the social profit is numb, meaningless blinking at a flickering screen.

Maruša Uhan

Tian Breznik (1998) is a MFA student at Goldsmiths, University of London. In his works, he employs data as a medium for exploration of internet cultures and spaces, meanwhile dealing with the issue of the mystification of the data. He is especially interested in simulations, distributed knowledge and infrastructural systems.

Ana Meisel (1994) is a Polish-German web developer and technologist from the Czech Republic. She manages the Internet art gallery External Pages, is one half of the technology history podcast Our Friend The Computer and one third of the research group Superkilogirls.

Blink, 2024


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Translation to English: Ana Makuc
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