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Unfamiliar Area | Beti Frim: “Trashies”

07 December 2023 > 07 January 2024 Kindly invited to the mini online exhibition "Tiny Trash" by Beti Frim, as a part of Unfamiliar Area project.

With her animation, Beti Frim explores an alternative view of waste. During the creation of her study project under the mentorship of Matej Stupica, Frim produced 3D scans of her own waste and that of her friends, thus building an archipelago known as 'Tiny Trash'. With the animation, she wanted to show trash from a 'documentary' point of view and offer an alternative view on it – as a tool with which humanity conquers the territory, or an object of tourist fascination.

A perspective that frames waste as a new geological layer emphasises the profound impact of human activity on the earth's layers, suggesting that waste has become a permanent marker of our presence on the planet. The use of 3D scanning and the construction of virtual landscape adds an interesting layer, implying the digital transformation of our physical waste into a virtual kingdom, perhaps inviting us to reflect on the duality of our tangible and immaterial environmental footprint. Moreover, the notion of representing waste as an object of tourist fascination introduces a socio-cultural dimension. Beti Frim seems to encourage reflection on the paradoxical appeal of waste, raising questions about how societies handle and perceive the detritus of their consumption. As such, the animation serves not only as a visual exploration, but also as a commentary on human behaviour, illuminating the complex relationship between consumption, territory and environment. The virtual archipelago invites the viewer to confront her own fascination with the discarded materials.

Lucija Zajc

Beti Frim (2001) is a student of visual communication and design at The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. In her work, she is predominantly concerned with the topic of the coexistence of human and non-human species in connection to the real and virtual space. She is interested in the aspect of communication between various species, which she explores through different media, from 3D animation and music production to modelling with clay. She is also interested in the interweaving of the digital and analogue media, the reuse of materials, and in addition to art and design, in technology and its potential in connecting people with nature. Beti Frim participated in the group exhibition Fresh Fish in DobraVaga Gallery and at the 35th Graphic Biennial. As a VJ, she collaborates with the collectives Ustanova and Nimaš izbire, and she also released an EP Small Pink Cat at the bemorechildish.


Smetke, 3D animacija, 2023

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