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Le Dernier Cri: Mondo DC

06 October 2023 > 03 November 2023 Kindly invitated to the opening of the "Mondo DC"exhibition of prints and comics by LeDernier Cri on Friday, 6th October, at 9pm, at the Alkatraz Gallery. The exhibition is a part of Tinta Comics Festival.

As part of the Tinta festival, we will be hosting the famous French graphic underground publishing house, Le Dernier Cri. With its domicile in Marseilles, Le Dernier Cri is focused on publishing various graphic monographs (including comics) and all kinds of prints, wherein it occasionally produces animated and feature films. In terms of the program, the publishing house is powered by the rich tradition of the underground and so-called brut art as well as various subcultures. Its main protagonists mostly came from French or Parisian punk scene of the 1980s and 1990s, but later, numerous authors from the international environment were also included in the program. The publishing house specializes in silkscreen prints; its publications are characterized by the use of extraordinarily lively colours, peculiar sensuality and interest in details – it consciously relies on the tradition of art brut aesthetics, applied in the area of comics, illustrations and animation. The characteristic iconography that originates in this publishing house is based on images that are both seductive and repulsive, which, ultimately, holds true also for the content itself, which is not lacking in provocation.

The exhibition in the Alkatraz Gallery shall feature a wide selection of works from the rich artistic heritage of the Le Dernier Cri, where, since its foundation in 1993, they have published over 300 literary titles as well as an innumerable amount of various other prints, mostly graphics (posters), audio carriers and animated films. The opening of the exhibition will also be attended by one of the founders and a driving force of the Le Dernier Cri, an author of comics and graphic artist, Pakito Bolino.

We will start the evening at the corner of Masarykova Street and Maistrova Street, where the authors of the new artworks on the walls of AKC Metelkova mesto will present themselves, then we will follow the perfomers Nivin Baranbo and Jos Daamen along the Metelkova walls to the Alkatraz Gallery. The programme starts on Friday, 6 October at 20.30.

At the opening of the exhibition Mondo DC,  another event for visual connoisseurs is planned in the Grejpfrut collective’s studio at Metelkova (midway between Jalla Jalla and Gromka club). Namely, Vasja Lebarič, as a long-term collaborator of the Le Dernier Cri – the only local artist, so to speak – will exhibit a colourful collection of his transgenre louvre for one evening. Various visual records, the majority of which will be paintings and graphics, although there will be no shortage of moving images, form the core of the pop-up exhibition, which represents one of the rare opportunities for a live confrontation with Lebarič’s production. As a highlight of the evening, there will be a special noise minestrone, with which, in addition to the visuals, Lebarič will present his artistic audio meanders. The Vasijona multi-media event starts on Friday 6 October at 22.00.

Produced by: Forum Ljubljana
Coproduction: KUD Mreža/Galerija Alkatraz.

Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and City Council Ljubljana.