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Unfamiliar Area | Lučka Centa: “Skin We Are Born Into”

02 June 2023 > 02 July 2023 Kindly invited to the mini online "Unfamiliar Area" exhibition "Skin We Are Born Into" by Lučka Centa.

There are things that cannot be resolved rationally. They need to be felt and experienced.

All that remains is the fact that everything passes...

The video performance Skin We Are Born Into (2022) is a mysterious insight into the complex world of human emotions and identity. It presents a convincing confrontation with the fundamental question of meaning of the concept of 'home'. Through the prism of physical limitations of the body, the author navigates through the experience of the feeling of entrapment and offers an insight into a complex intertwinement of power(lessness) and its perception.

With evocative move and expressive gestures, Lučka Centa captures the essence of emotionally charged space of emptiness, which represents the loss and saturation of pain, in which the body persistently searches for the source of courage and the possibility of reconciliation. By means of movement and sound, the author conveys the sense of the mutual entwinement of our passivity and activity in the world, which we, as individuals, co-create, and the latter shapes us back to the same extent. Her movement, which represents both an individual and widely relatable image of the human experience of suffering, offers us a possibility of contemplation on the dichotomy and fusion of the universal with the intimate. It poses a thought-provoking fundamental question about what 'home' actually is and the ways in which our body and mind cooperate to create a sense of connection and belonging to the world where we are supposed to be 'at home'. It confronts us with the fact that some things are simply unutterable, beyond words and explanations. They need to be felt, experienced and lived.

Lucija Zajc

Lučka Centa is a visual artist who intertwines performance, photography, video and installation in her work. In 2021, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, where she explored artistic production within natural, non-urban space with the purpose of understanding the relationship between human and nature. In her work, she focuses on the understanding of behaviour, perception, dependence and influence of human on nature and the social evaluation of bodies. She is currently attending the first year of her MA studies in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana, where she focuses on the materialization of work with the body, using natural materials, such as wood, stones, bones, feathers and soil.


Skin We Are Born Into, video performance, 2022



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Curated by: Lucija Zajc
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Translation (to English language): Ana Makuc
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