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Unfamiliar Area | Hana Zadnikar: “Object Subject”

13 April 2023 > 13 May 2023 Kindly invited to the mini online exhibition "Unfamiliar Area" by Hana Zadnikar "The Hole", curated by Lucija Zajc.

The installation Object Subject addresses the changes in control from Foucault's panopticon to Deleuze's idea of the fragmentation of individuals into dividuums, which is happening in today's internet age. In front of us is a several-hour montage of Hana Zadnikar's phone screenshots over a period of 24 hours, surrounded by a bunch of data, extracted from her existence on the phone in the same time period.The subject, the view of the screen and the artist's privacy appear on the screen, and alongside it its data double, which is more important than the individual for the wider surveillance system in the 21st century. Both methods of control are combined, namely: the traditional panoptic view of the subject with a recording of the use of the phone, which the viewer is looking at, and the algorithmic control with the fragmentation of the subject into subject's readable data. The viewer can assume two positions they can be the supervisor in the panopticon or they can be Hana Zadnikar's supervised subject. Their role as a viewer and watched is constantly changing, and none of these views is stable or neutral, for that matter. The dynamic of moving from the object to the subject is created, which are two points of view depending on the viewer. However, none of the roles they can take on is more powerful than the other, since both are powerless in the vast system of control.

With the installation, Hana Zadnikar puts herself in a vulnerable position. If, as internet users, we are constantly monitored for the sake of data processing, our activity recorded on the phone is still a very intimate matter. Thus, when the viewer assumes the role of the supervisor, as a person, they might not understand the value of data that – processed into algorithms – the latter will carry. Therefore, the artist presents us their meaning in the form of shared intimacy.

Lucija Zajc

Hana Zadnikar (2000) graduated in video, animation and new media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is currently continuing her studies in the same fields. She is working in the areas of intermedia art, video and animation. In her works, she explores the topics of existence, connected with a subjective experience, socio-political environment and the world of art itself. Several times, she has participated at the Lightning Guerilla festival in Ljubljana. In 2022, she received the student award of the International Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor.

Objekt subjekt, virtual  video installation, 2022


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Curator: Lucija Zajc
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