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Unfamiliar Area | Sara Skenderija: “Faktotum MXM:06”

23 November 2022 > 23 December 2022 Kindly invited to the mini online exhibition "Unfamiliar Area" by Sara Skenderija "Faktotum MXM:06", curated by Lucija Zajc.

Sara Skenderija is interested in the ambiguity of perception in the creative process. She explores how an image is able to change itself in correlation to the change of the viewers that stand in front of it. She seeks for a dialogue with the viewer through the object. In the case of the installation Factotum MXM:06, the artist sheds light on the elusive nature of determinacy of contingency versus causality when we question the aspect of the concept of time.

For the support of the installation, she used plexiglass, the transparent property of which emphasises the fluidity of the boundary between artistic/artificial space and the viewer's physical real space, as it removes it in a way. The artwork is thus intended to step from its own into our dimension, where it emerges as an artificially created/painted body, that is trying to get closer to the viewer. The exhibited paintings as part of the installation are meant as sequential fragments of one organism, which is frozen in time in the process of dissection, and they follow each other chronologically, but the closure of the installation may evoke in the viewer the tendency for pareidolic interpretation in the reverse sequence, which again emphasizes the dialogue between the viewer and their capacity for different interpretations on the hand and the artwork and its liable acceptance of the viewer's projection on the other.  In this way, we can play with the dimension of time at will. Without the chronological aspect or its arbitrariness, the diametrality between the process of dissection and assembly is transformed in the discourse between contingency and causality.

Lucija Zajc

Sara Skenderija (1998) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she is currently continuing her master's studies. So far, she has presented herself with a solo exhibition in Dobra Vaga, where she also participated in group exhibitions Fresh Fish and in a poster exhibition appointMENT.

Faktotum MXM:06, 100 x 100 x 1 cm, material: mixed media on acrylic glass, 2022


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Curator: Nina Baznik
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