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Unfamiliar Area | Tim Kropivšek: Nano Fauna

08 June 2021 > 08 July 2021 Kindly invited to the mini online exhibition Unfamiliar Area | Tim Kropivšek: Nano Fauna.

The artist Tim Kropivšek is the author of the project Nano Fauna. In his previous project titled Human Waste-lands, the author explored luminescent mould under macro lens and UV light. Thus, the question arose as to what this landscape of organic waste looks like under the lens of a microscope. In the present series of collages, he explores imaginary landscapes that are full of life; plants that have grown over the whole landscape, worm-like organisms that float, crawl and prey on other, smaller organisms. It is difficult for the human mind to imagine what life looks like on a nano level, and the author Tim Kropivšek invites to view the collages and enter the nano world. 

Nano Fauna is a collage made with a special computer programme written by the author himself. With the programme he named Circulette, the author can draw with circles. His interpretation of this function is extremely interesting. It converts the basic form of the circle into micro-organism-like animals and plants, which together form a symbiotic microscopic landscape. Just as for a scientist a ticket to the nano world is a microscope, for an artist this is his programme. With his perception, the artist makes it possible for us to immerse ourselves into the world which we would not be able to experience without a microscope.


Tim Kropivšek is a multimedia artist and a musician, who lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2014, he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, majoring in photography. In 2016, he participated in the group exhibition Tradition at the Ars Gallery. In 2017, he graduated with the work Elevator, an interactive installation that thematizes 'awakening' into the subconscious. In 2018, he exhibited at the group exhibition Sweet Colours as part of the Light Guerrilla Laboratory, with a generative interactive installation Energy Wasted. The work included six computer mice, which the viewers could move and thus illuminate the windows that were mapped and projected onto a part of the bridge near Cukrarna. In 2020, he developed the Quicktime programme, in which he explores the topic of procrastination. He built an object, which again includes computer mice to control and manipulate the sound of a TV series. 


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Curator: Nina Baznik
Proof-reading (Slovene language): Neja Berlič

Translation (to English language): Ana Makuc
Financial support: Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, City Council Ljubljana - Department for Culture