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Lighting Guerrilla Festival: Lovro Ivančić – Inner exterior

24 June 2020 > 05 July 2020 Kindly invited to the opening of the interactive light installation "Inner exterior" by Lovro Ivančić, on Wednesday, 24th June, at 9:30 pm, at the Alkatraz Gallery. The exhibition is a part of Lighting Guerrilla Festival.

Patterns and ways of dividing surfaces and space are the result of active observation of nature. I want to move a piece of the outside world into the interior with the help of biomimicry. I’m interested in the contrast between soft and hard, natural and artificial. I created an interactive textile installation that represents a natural process under the influence of human actions. I use Voronoi diagrams to divide the surface into smaller pieces so that when the textile is stretched, it reveals the color-contrasting cracks between them.

An object is like a living image, an unnatural organism in the interior. I’m interested in where the line between art and design is, or where it begins to blur. I’m interested in human relationship to this object and in its impact on the observer. I chose light as a medium of expression precisely because of the effect it has on the individual and because of the contrast between its presence and absence. /L. Ivančić/

Lovro Ivančić finished high school in Zagreb and then graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana where he continues his master’s studies under the mentorship of prof. Marija Jenko. During his studies he was on a student exchange at the Academy of Design in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. He is currently working on various projects as an assistant to the costume designer Barbara Podlogar, and also as a graphic designer as well. He was a member of the team that designed the Art Hotel Tartini in Piran. He participated recently in several art, design and fashion projects in Slovenia and abroad.

Professional associates: prof. Peter Zobec, Jan Rugelj, doc. dr. Marjan Jenko and prof. Marija Jenko (the mentor)

Production: Forum Ljubljana, co-production: Alkatraz Gallery /KUD Mreža
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