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Neven Korda: Confession

22 July 2019 > 29 July 2019 Kindly invitaed to the opening of "Confession" exhibition by Neven Korda, on Monday, 22nd July at 8 pm, at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova.

A confession is a process of changing the world. With the act of confession, one discards the world into which one is thrown.

It is normal to dream, sin, wander, circulate (»Regardless of where I start, I always end up in the same place.«). If we would need to renounce this right, if we will need to change the world, we need to examine our delusions, deeply and truly. Not delusions of the world, our own delusions. And the world shall change.

It begins with two different screens turned towards one another. At first sight, a dialogue between different interpreters of electromagnetic radiation. In the manner of longing, succession of memories. Heavy, massive, robust.

Neven Konda works in the area of performative and projection arts. His exploration of pure video art is performed through his examination of video as a medium of electromagnetic radiation, rather than as a means of expression of content and genre. Indeed, in the era of digitalisation, in a seeming interruption of the physical connection between the image and medium, what became apparent is the actual medium of digital images – the electromagnetic radiation – which is being stored and transferred in different ways. Again, the artist presents himself with a project that uses and shows processes, products and influences of technologies, meanwhile (which comes as no surprise), reflectively, creatively and thoughtfully situating them in the field of art.

With CONFESSION, the artist questions intermedia installations – their ability to pass information and their sensory activity. The video-object installation, as a dialogue between two media that convey visual information, focuses on the relationship between culture and art. For instance, the omnipresent cultural space in our society is expanding, whereas the space for the artistic activity is shrinking. The artist believes that the relationship between culture and art could form a battlefield for neo/post/contemporary conceptualism.
CONFESSION is a performance of an (gallery) object, a performance of art, not art itself. Rather than executing anything definite, finished or stopped, the artist's method only performs it, which opens additional questions about art. Thus, the author reflects upon whether the performance of art is already art in itself and whether the performance of a gallery object can be an object in itself. If it can, what is it like? Is it temporarily unlimited or does it exist only in the fissure of time? The snare of questions offers a parallel with utopia, which can generate a new material reality in a limited time period.

Neven Korda is building an original creative discourse in the area of intermedia art, different from the prevailing atmosphere. He emphasizes the underrepresented topic of the poetics of subjective discourse, immersed into a wider social environment. Neven holds a BA in Sociology. He works as a director, and video and multimedia artist. His artistic practice in performative and projection arts is varied. He is the author of theatre plays, multimedia installations and video objects. Moreover, he is the mentor and organizer of workshops of useful video. He used to work in the area of archiving and maintaining video transcriptions.