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Red Dawns 7
Evelin Stermitz / WOMEN/BODY/STORIES

08 March 2006 > 17 March 2006 Red Dawns 7

"Women/Body/Stories" is a photographic survey on local women living around the area of the Art Center and their awareness of the body. The female relation to the body has been influenced by alterations in the society during history and the social environment wherein women are living. Through photographs and text, this artistic exploration will narrate personally experienced histories and relations to the body of women of different age living at the beginning of the 21st century, all having an unequal experience of life and therefore also of their body.

Evelin Stermitz

was born in 1972 in Austria. Works on media art projects by using different media (photography, video and internet, including installations and concept art) and has exhibited in Austria, Czech Republic and USA. The focus of art work is on female and social topics. She studied media communication at University Klagenfurt and received in 2004 scholarship from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia for postgraduate study of visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts Ljubljana (Prof. Milan Pajk - photography / Prof. Sreco Dragan - video).