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Julij Borštnik / presentation

05 April 2007

The presented text is trying to look at the institution of art and it's part in the society and bourgeoissystem from a frog's and bird's perspective.
The origin of the text was a question: How and why the capitalistic market and it's supervisers let and maintain special conditions of presenting and trading art? How come, for usually they ruthless force every kind of production, exchange and presentation to the same profitable logic, with no exceptions?
Special conditions of presentation and trading with spiritual value added are in capitalistic system urgent, for they make the necessary self-attachment of the ruling class to the added spiritual worth possible. At the same time they make possible the intentional investment in estrangement of added spiritual value from production to consumer crowds. The consequence but simultaneously a tool of this kind of role of institutional art is an ideological construct of the sublime. Fiction, which is a component part of the ruling ideology.

But at the same time, the institution of art is an ideological apparatus. The institution of art is a part of the system of ideological mechanisms, whose task is reproduction of productional relations. Ans as an ideological mechanism, the institution of art is, and that is important, always-already sphere of class struggle.