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KITCH / Welcome to the Shopping Paradise

25 May 2007 > 10 June 2007 Curator: Jadranka Ljubičič

»A self-service store is a mousetrap: if we want to get out, we must stand in line and for our liberation from imprisonment pay sacrifice at the cashier's.«
(Vilém Flusser, Digital look, 2000)
»How will the sacrifice pay a gallery visitor?«
(Nenad Jelesijević, Art is merchandise,2003, 2005)

KITCH is illustrating a supermarket in a gallery space. It is employing various elements of merchant equipment, that are in this case meant as a store for trading human body parts. To the astonishment of everything contribute special graphical elements. » What seems real, people love to buy,« (Wolfgang Fritz Haug, Kritik der Warenästhetik, 1977). The assemblage is also reflecting the position and exclusion of it's receptacle. The video, special acoustic background, commercial adds, suspense … the multitude of media contributes to the transformation of a gallery to a store. But is it really a transformation?

Welcome to the Shopping Paradise should contribute to critical opinion of oblagovljenja, on the civil as much as on the art territory.

KITCH is a trademark, which is ''trademarking'' rooms, material and body parts. It is elevating art to the level of a merchant product.

Welcome to the Shopping Paradise is an assemblage out of human body parts, merchant refrigirator, acoustics, video and digital prints. In 2005 it was exhibited for the first time.

Repetition in 2007 is a co-production of the Alcatraz Gallery and Institute for artistic production KITCH.

It was supported by and, form and photo por%no.

KITCH: Welcome to the Shopping Paradise