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20 November 2007 > 10 December 2007 Jurij Pavlica, Klemen Brun, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan

An artist is, in common public opinion, for example a painter, a person who gives initiative to formation of a painting by an idea. He takes over the supervision and realization and determines the finish, after which the artefact would be presented to the viewer to estimate it. To break off with this hermetic production of a work of art, it is necessary to intentionally change this classical manner. The project DO IT YOURSELF leads to revised analysis of already known and practised procedure. It demands it's decomposition and reestablished synthesis with a different approach.

Painting as one of the known ways of expressing artistic intentions. It contains everything, what needs, that it allows it to exist and work illimitably. If we interfere with the structure of this kind of process, by demolishing or extending it's formation, our intention was to cross or, even better, to blur the line between an artistic product and it's consumer. We put the consumer and ourselves in a situation that isn't common and even less concluded. In that case the artfeact that would normally had to be produced by a painter, is transmitted directly to the viewer or consumer. In that case we can say DO IT YOURSELF. Maybe because every art lover wishes to comprehend art at it's best or even secretly longs for trying to make art on his own.

The essential of the project DIY is, that we want to analize the artistic process alone and put it under unknown. The importance of this action is, that with it, the process was carried over to a different field of control.
In this moment the artist decides, that he won't perform the process, which would normally be the main part of his creating. Even more, the artist decides that he won't mediate the artistic information painted, as usually, but he turns it into an audio recording. That is how he steps aside from the course of creation.

The artist is withdrawn from the process, when a work of art is in, so to speak, raw condition – not mould out. It is the process that would normally charecterize the artistic thought and it's essence would be valued with finished work.

The audio recording with the instructions becomes the actual artistic product, which could be made by practically anyone following the directives. Meanwhile is the actual finished artefact a paintig out of squares, that represents a digital image.

The concept of the project is based upon transferring artistic idea into sonorous instruction on how to make the painting. This how the transferring of artistic material is carried out without the actual realization of a work of art. The construction of painting is just mechanically followed by guidance, that does not allow personal interpretation. In this case the artist also is only a consumer of art.

The setting is focused upod pure sonic transmission of artistic information with the actual realization of the painting following the very same audio instructions.

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