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Brides on tour

13 March 2008 artists: Pippa Bacca in Silvia Moro
Travelling from Italy to Israel.


Updated on 7th January 2008

“Now I’m tyred of the war, I would come back to the job of yore, to a wedding gown or something white, to hide my vocation to triumph and crying.” (F. De Andre, italian singer)

PREFACE by Silvia Moro and Pippa Bacca, the two bride-artists
The Journey is all along a way and an aim. It’s a lifestyle or, for somebody else, the only way to survive, it is life’s metaphor.
Travelling with poor facilities, take the traveller in relation with the local country; thumbing through let the stranger to keep in the hands of locals and even more with the people who decide to make travelling them way of living. The choose of thumbing through it’s an attestation of faithfulness in the other people, in human beings. Like a little god who prizes everybody who trust in him. This is the result of many hitchhiking experiences in Pippa Bacca’s life, that took her around Europe, Sanpietroburgo, Istanbul, Finisterre, Ireland and America.
By the meeting with Silvia Moro, that had dedicated all her last performances to travelling matters, has born a poetic and ambitious dream.
The dream to drive all the countries that has been wasted by recent conflicts and not ever sedated. The trip won’t be a tourist travel but the trip of two brides dressed for a wedding that has already been celebrated or maybe not or, even more, it is represented by the trip itself.
A wedding with the earth, with peace, with all the people looking for the groom. Who is and who represents the groom? Two is the number of the brides, is the number of the meeting, of the mutual support, of the womanish, of the even, of the multiple, of the different. The way you can read a similar artistic project are more and more different.
The bride represent the white, the light, the womanish, the generator of new life equal to peace, love and purity. The dress, the only one they will bring with them, will loose its candour but, instead of it, it will enrich becoming the support, the witness, the diary of all the visited places, written with the material of the visited places, with the hand made job of women they will meet. The embroidery is a statement for married women all over the Mediterranean lands so it will represent the narration of this trip.
The days before the wedding are traditionally the period in which it has to be prepared. In all of these days women meet themselves to narrate them lives, to narrate about the transition to a new dimension made of a union, a sharing, a mystery of life.

The two brides will realize a route which will bring them in a new dimension in which they will meet different people in the same way. Along the route they will stop to meet artists associations , local craftswoman, museums and foundations, but also cultural and pacifist association with whom they will make some symbolic acts like the feet washing, the daily dress washing and also an interaction with them job. The purpose is to explore and raise every possible attestation with videos, photos and written diaries.

The travel will also be the chance to make an exclusive reportage with the support of a photoreporter (Francesco Giusti) that will meet the brides with regular cadence and he will also realize a reportage of all the countries they will pass through.

The established route will pass through these countries: Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria. The whole trip will last 3 months in the spring of 2008.

If it is possible in any stop brides need to meet embroiders and obstetricians to implement their trip’s aim. It consist in washing obstetrician feet (Pippa Bacca) and make a new embroidery work on Silvia Moro’s wedding gown.

The real objects d’art will be the dresses with all the depositions collected during the trip (photos, narrations and manufacts). The exhibition will be done in the Byblos Art Gallery (Verona – Italy) but, after the opening it will be moved in a public institutional place in Milan and will be accompanied with a colour printed catalogue.

Byblos will realize the two wedding glows drafted by the artists themselves. The project will be supported by the Italian Associazione Culturale Erodoto. It will mind about contacts with Mediterranean associations and foundations , it will deal about bureaucratic aspects, about the writing of catalogue and everything concerning with it.

Through the countries of the Mediterranean sea, mainly:

Gorizia – Our contact Michele Drascek mob. 00386 40179914
Ljubljana - Our contact Michele Drascek

Associazione Culturale Erodoto:
Jessica Anais Savoia mob.+39 347 7627106 - e-mail (coordination)
Mariailaria Bianco mob. + 39 349 7893060 e -mail (secretary’s office)
Ingrid van Den Berg e-mail (International Contact)
Pippa Bacca mob.+39 349 4683535
Silvia Moro mob. +39 334 3243607

Byblos art Gallery
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Intellectual Property/Copyright

Everything concerning with this project is an intellectual property of Pippa Bacca, Silvia Moro coordinated by Associazione Culturale Erodoto. As it is it can’t be submitted or sold. It is even denied to use all the contacts for everything is not concerned with the project itself.