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Mia Makela and Marko Košnik / Discussion on live cinema and videoinstrumentalism

28 May 2008 Alkatraz Gallery at Metelkova, Masarykova 24, Ljubljana

Mia Makela is finish artist based in Barcelona, who devoted most of her activities in the last decade to live performances with visuals, which she defined as “live cinema”. Beside numerous stage appearances solo and in collaboration with musicians and live video artists, numerous workshops and installations worldwide (see, she is engaged in theoretical discourse in the field of “live cinema”, resulting in the texts published in several publications.

On May 16 she performed the opening performance for the Festival pomladi in Ljubljana and is currently finishing her residency stay in Slovenia.

For the final evening of her recent stay in Slovenia Mia Makela and Marko Kosnik invited each other for a public chat on the topics of live video, kindly hosted by Jadranka Ljubicic, the curator of Alkatraz gallery , where the event will take place on Wednesday, May 28, 20.00.

What do the two artists have in common? The most obvious connection point in their biographies is the fact they both have performed live video performances for the opening of Transmediale in Berlin (Mikela 2004, Kosnik 2008), and though they belong to different generations, they do share quite an arsenal of the same or comparable tools, be it in software or hardware. The insiders from the scene could probably name many more connections, not to forget the long term experiences collected in practical and theoretical work. The open saloon discussion in Alkatraz on Wednesday will surely have to relate the definition of “live cinema” coined by Mikela (see the text department of web page) and the one of “videoinsturmentalism”, developed by Marko Košnik

The ever lasting urge to reflect own pioneering in the field might lead the two protagonists to provide us a backstage in-view rarely accessible in more official forms of presentation.

Marko Kosnik, polymedia artist from Slovenia, started his carrier in 80's as concept developer for several alternative groups. Since the beginning of his collaborative projects he was producing creative environments, open labs and media platforms, dealing with synchronization of authors from different backgrounds and self organization. He acts as performer, writer, installation artist, musician, producer and video instrumentalist.

The discussion will be in english language.