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Yann Norry / OTTO-RESIDENCES. #1 – Maribor

25 July 2008 La Vitrine/Otto-Prod. invites you at 2 exhibitions of Yann Norry, in Ljubljana and in Maribor.

Yann Norry is invited to work in Maribor for a 1 month-long art residence set by La Vitrine//Otto-Prod. For the all month of July the artist involves studio and gallery spaces of Hladilnica (Pekarna Kulturni Center).

In order to end his art residence time, you are warmly invited for 2 exhibitions.
>> 25th of July @ Alkatraz Galerija - Ljubljana
introducing a selection of his last works.
>> 30th of July @ Hladilnica Gallery - Maribor
Introducing his residence final project.

Y. Norry leads an open research (through sculpture, installation or performance) setting his pieces at the cross way of material and sound. The audio frequencies output is sometimes almost inaudible (very high or low frequencies) or fills the space with a deafening drone. Sound can also convey a more poetical nature as the synthetic and crystal clear tinkling of an aquatic texture spread by the hanged tubes installation. Born in 1973, Yann NORRY lives and works in Marseille (FR).


Hladilnica Gallery @ Pekarna Kulturni Center
Ob Železnici 8 - 2000 Maribor
tel: 00386 (0)2 300 78 70

Kud Mreža/ Galerija Alkaraz @Metelkova
Masarykova 24, 1000 LJUBLJANA
tel: 00386 (0)1 434 03 45

Yann Norry