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Kuri R. Sieberer: In the Wind

22 August 2008 > 29 August 2008 Presentation of the erotic novel »In the Wind« (V Vetru) with an audiovisual performance and a video-ambience installation.
The exhibition is open from Friday 22nd to 29th August 2008.

For many years Kuri R. Sieberer has creatively employed various artistic practices. This time, the author is going to present his latest novel “In the Wind” simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition of installations of the same title. At the opening we are going to witness a video-visual performance entitled “The Word”, composed of the reading of subversive excerpts taken from the novel “In the Wind” and an interaction with the audience. “In the Wind” is a hard-erotic novel not only serving its erotic purpose but – within the story – also exposing the issues concerning human existence, thus surpassing this genre. The narrative follows the anti-hero and his reactions/responses stemming from the so-called gender conflict. The writer’s vocabulary makes the story ever more fleshy and juicy. The novel is illustrated by Andrej Štular.

Kuri R. Sieberer Kuri R. Sieberer