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Tinta Festival at Alkatraz Gallery: IC 2.0 multimedia exhibition

12 October 2018 > 30 October 2018 Kindly invited to the opening of "IC 2.0" multimedia exhibition curated by Stripburger comics magazine, on Friday, 12th October, at 8 pm at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. The exhibition is a part of TINTA comics festival.

Participating artists: Boris Beja, Neža Jurman (Nez Pez), Primož Krašna, Tomaž Lavrič, Grega Mastnak, Vinko Möderndorfer, Boštjan Plesničar, Beli sladoled, Zoran Smiljanić and Andrej Štular.

Guided tours with dr. Skavčenko: every Thursday at 7pm.

The Stripburger magazine is - in the year of celebration of the 100th anniversary of death of Ivan Cankar - paying homage to our greatest modernist writer as well. Cankar was a huge "discomfort in the behind" with his works to his contemporary readers, mainly to the authorities and the conservative circles, but often also to highschool kids who willy-nilly had to read his novels and plays.
Comics artists had always had a mixed reaction to all this. Some embraced his works with both hands, others avoided him like hell, while some others again opted for a satyrical approach to his work. This group exhibition will feature very diverse comics and other artistic works that are either inspired by Cankar, his works and characters, or they employ his worldview, his intellectual legacy and his literature opus to make sense of the present contemporary times. The exhibition will include, among already classical comics adaptations and remakes from the Cankar's opus, some new scenes and images from his comics biography created by dr. Blaž Vurnik and Zoran Smiljanić (Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana and MGML, 2018). However it will also feature some modern artistic approaches that vehemently cross the borders of the comics medium. Thus the works by Andrej Štular, of the Beli sladoled duo, of Neža Jurman and Boris Beja deliberate on the Cankar's legacy with critical allusions to the modern times. One of the main emphases of this part of the project is dedicated in part to the dissection of the role of the (modern) artist in our Slovenian society, but mainly to the evaluation of the artist and of his works.

Production: Stripburger/Forum Ljubljana and KUD Mreža.
Photo by: DK.