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Non-domicile areas: video art in Slovenia of the 90s

18 September 2008 > 11 October 2008 Jasna Hribernik and Zmago Lenárdič, Marko Kovačič, Damijan Kracina, Marija Mojca Pungerčar
Exhibition curator: Igor Španjol in co-operation with Jadranka Ljubičič
The event is part of a wider action »Hosting the Modern Gallery!«

The exhibition represents the second part of the trilogy of the projects within the action entitled »Hosting the Modern Gallery!«, presenting the main streams in the Slovenian video art and related areas. The exhibited trilogy Non-domicile areas is one of the mid-steps towards a more synthetic and integral view over the media art development in the last four decades, ranging from experimental and documentary use of the video in the seventies, alternative one in the eighties, and authorial production in the nineties, to more recent/novel explorations in the context of social space. In this sense it is an attempt to organize an un-linear retro view, identification of some basic topics, problems and connections. The project is conceived as a mosaic, with co-operation of several sights and protagonists of art activities. The works engaged by the exhibitions encompass the hybrid, media, genre as well as technologically »non-domicile« areas, where visual, audio, spatial and other elements mix.

The exhibition in Metelkova will present a selected view on the production of the nineties. With the works of five (female and male) artists, and a tandem, established in a period of ten years, the exhibition attempts to outline those authorial ways and specific activities in the field where the video and other visual practices interlace, without being limited to the reproduction of the band on the screen, but are closely connected to the visual art practise and the physical space. It attempts to define the main phenomena and developmental tendencies of the video in the field of sculpture, installation and performative practices. As the key topic the exhibition exposes the relation of singular projects towards the context of the space ranging from the media or television and sculptural one in the works of Kovačič and Kracina to the gallery and public space in the works of Pungerčar and the Hribernik – Lenárdič tandem.

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