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Neven Korda: Desire is Želja/Želja je desire

17 July 2018 > 20 July 2018 Kindly invited to multimedia installation of video objects "Desire is Želja/Želja je desire" by Neven Korda. The installation will be on display on Tuesday, 17th July & Wednesday, 18th July. Accompanying programme: 18th July at 8pm - Never on One's Own – closing performance of the exhibition part of the project. 19th & 20th July - multimedial presentation of video objects at the artists studio, above the Alkatraz Gallery.

Desire is Želja/ Želja je desire is an installation in the format of Open Studios Programme. The studio will be opened in the gallery and later on, the gallery will be opened in the studio. On the demonstrative level this is an autonomous and likeable visual equipment of the public space – the gallery.

The subject of installation is intermediality. This enchanted secret matter. Sanctuary of the perplexed and expropriated creative crowd. It is everywhere and it spreads, like puddles on rainy days. Intermedia art is a slippery slope territory. Ice rink. There is a return to desire in the installation at the same time. Desire as a component of the title like in Triumph of Desire/Triumf želje, Always This Desire/Vedno ta želja, the Power of Desire/ Moč želje. The ongoing occupation with desire stands here for moving closer towards intermedial field through video with the help of wild technological and mental approach. Two great and inexhaustible subjects: desire and video.

The exhibited video objects depict the presently dominant fate of the field of visual arts, within which visual events take place on temporary items. The exhibited video objects are only hosted by those items (which are at the same time working tools in the studio) and the same items are also carriers of various objects. The contents of the objects is captured and processed data in various visual atmospheres.

A more permanent acquisition of the installation Desire is Želja/Želja is desire will be the mass eviction of tapes to the monumental projection tower. Let the magnetic stripe discard its homogeneously determined usable role and place itself loosely up high up on the tower. Maybe it will be nice.

Neven Korda is building original, creative language, recognizable in the field of multimedia art, one that is different from the dominant atmosphere. His work is a reflection and exploration of the image of modern technological processes in the field of art.

Production: Neven Korda

Co-production: KUD Mreža / Galerija Alkatraz

Supported by: +MSUM, SCCA-Ljubljana