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11am - 7pm

Immersive haunted theater “Behind the Black Curtain” by Slepa ulca

06 July 2018 > 13 July 2018 Alkatraz Gallery in cooperation with Slepa ulca group kindly invite you to the immersive haunted theater "Behind the Black Curtain" at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova, from 6th until 13th July, every day from 6 pm until 10 pm.

Slepa ulca presents: Behind The Black Curtain
Immersive haunted theater.

Slepa ulca dares you to step out of your comfort zone to see what awaits behind the black curtain. Are you questioning the meaning of your life? Explore the dimensions of your existence and be reborn! Art has never been that committed! We see you in an exquisite company of Alkatraz Gallery.

Alkatraz Gallery, Metelkova Mesto 6th - 13th of July, every day from 6 PM till 10 PM.

We admit visitors every half an hour. 5 people at most can participate at once.
You can book your place at:
Recommended donation per person: 5 – 30 €.

Coproduction: KUD Mreža, Galerija Alkatraz, Zavod Bob, MC ULCA.

Rules and warnings for visitors:

You will be subjected to flash lights, small spaces, movement restrictions, darkness, physical contact, stroboscope and flickering lights and fog.

No cell phones, flashlights or cameras allowed.

It is a public event so we will take photos and videos of you.
We advice against the visit if you suffer from: hearth conditions, respiratory medical problems, anxiety attacks, epilepsy, mental health problems or you are under the influence of psycho-active substances or you are pregnant. If you have issues with the physical contact we also advise you not to participate.

If you are obviously under the influence of psycho active substances we are taking the right not to let you in.

We are evaluating the event as inappropriate for persons under the 16 years of age. If a parent or legal guardian escorts and takes responsibility for entrance of person under the 16 years of age we are willing to make an exception and allow a person under the 16 years of age to enter.

If you don’t respect the rules we will stop the event and escort you out.

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Performens and co-creators: Metka Bahlen Okoli, Slobodan Malić, Aleš Rojc, Toni Poljanec, Dani Modrej, Luka Rous, Devina Elena FloresFlores, Lev Mastnak TrobentarTeja Bitenc, Andreja Potočnik, Pia Skušek, Karola Rubene;

Directed by Slobodan Malić, Metka Bahlen Okoli, Andreja Potočnik;

Photography: Toni Poljanec, Dani Modrej;

Sound production and equipment: Pia Skušek, Luka Rous;

CGP, production of exhibited works, design of promotional materials: Karola Rubene;

Mask: Devina Elena Flores;

Costume assistance and management: Incognito Design;

Other volunteers: Nastja Jošt, Nejc Maričič, Matej Žalig.