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Jur Samec / Cocoons – III

11 February 2009 > 27 February 2009 Presentation of Cocoons: Aja Vesna Ginovska; Jerica Jerala, poet; Romina Ponti, musician

Cocoons by Jur Samec are the chrysalises which covered his art works in different stages of completeness. Inside them the ideal conditons are reestablished to permit probability that at one time a perfect art piece might shell out… And even if that doesn't take place, it is not going to be a tragical experience, because the author made it sure that the cocoon as whole is still- an object within the Art legalities and it's not satisfied only with strong conceptual note of just another public show. Paradox is made; by covering the core gets exposed, not only to the Creator, but to the observer, who doesn't need a great deal of concentration to be conscious of his unfinished works, as well.

Aja Vesna Ginovska

Jur Samec Jur Samec Jur Samec Jur Samec