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Isidora Ilić / Youtopia

02 March 2009 > 03 March 2009 Five-chanell video installation

Youtopia is five channel installation created during artist residency in Milton Keynes / England. The title is a word play alluding to main concerns of this project - Utopia and The Other. Context of the city, West European town artificially built during “welfare state” period in 1960ies, allowed Ilic to draw a parallel with Yugoslavia as a constructed country; and at the same time it served as a background in order to deal with identity theme. Introducing a motive of The Other, identity is artistically questioned in context of leaving and seeking for Utopian place.

Youtopia is part of interdisciplinary projects dealing with film as medium constituted in viewer's consciousness. It questions how film narrative functions when structural elements are separated from film illusion and placed in gallery space or at scene. Narrative of Youtopia is built by combination of documentary materials and played elements. The observer is put in engaged position and asked to create her/his own story by choosing images or sounds. Fragmenting the narrative and engaging observers transmits film illusion into performance.

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Isidora Ilić

Isidora Ilić is film/video artist whose work is based upon praxes of experimental film, performance art and art theories. Experiment as approach and across media practice has been implement for developing different ideas. Short films of her participated and were awarded on international and domestic festivals; her videos were exibited at individual and group exibitions/projections. She is author of interdisciplinary projects, performances, installations and theoretical esseys. Since 2003 she is creativly associated with Boško Prostran under the name of Doplgenger.

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