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Red dawns 10
Slađana Mitrović / (In)visible Sex
Sara Filipovič / Body X

05 March 2009 > 20 March 2009 5. March 21.30 Exhibition opening: Slađana Mitrović (SLO) / (In)visible Sex
5. marec 21.30 Performance: Sara Filipovič (SLO) / Body X
Red dawns 2009

Slađana Mitrović (Slovenia): (In)visible Sex

A series of paintings and aquarelles that confronts the viewer with an obsessive representation of naked female bodies and genitalia by juxtaposing the high culture of painted canvas with contemporary porno-chic culture. Four large paintings entitled Me (We) use forceful expressionistic gestures and intensive color layers in the foreground of an exhibitionistic spread-legged female nude. The picture does not offer the observer a direct contact, though: the view on the naked female body is perverted with the autoerotic pleasure of the painted subject.

Sladana Mitrović competed her undergraduate studies at the Pedagogic Faculty in Maribor and at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She is currently employed as a young researcher and PhD student of arts history at Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities (ISH).

Open until March 20th 2009.
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Sara Filipovič (Slovenia): Body X

In performance Body X, the viewer is offered an insight into a very special tailor workshop. A new dress is being made by decanting the erotic parts of another person's body into silicon. What comes out is a kind of dress that simultaneously reveals and hides; a special anti-censoring garment. Once dressed, the performer begins to appropriate the erotic identity of the other person and simultaneously changes into a hybrid, a crossbreed between her own body, its erotic content and the new silicon-made erotic replica or toy. The person whose identity was stolen is now observing her/his own shapes in a new context, from the outside, while the performer experiences and observes this reduced body from the inside. After the performance, the visitors are going to have the chance to try on the dress themselves.

Sara Filipovič (Celje, 1983) is currently concluding her study of sculpture at the Academy of Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

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