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18th Red Dawns: The Uprising Social Workers – I Spit on Revolution!

09 March 2017 > 31 March 2017 Kindly invited to opening of the exhibition and performance "I Spit on Revolution!" by The Uprising Social Workers collective, on 9th March, at 7 pm, at the Alkatraz Gallery, ACC Metelkova. The project is a part of 18th International Feminist & Queer Festival Red Dawns. On Friday, 10th March, the exhibition will be open from 3pm-10.30pm and on Saturday, 11th March from 3pm-8pm. After the festival the exhibition will be open from: Mon-Thu 11am-3pm and 4pm-8pm, Fri: 3pm-11pm.

I Spit on Revolution!

(exhibition / the third feminist calendar / performance)

Patriarchy knows of  Revolution, we fight revolutionS. We are the invisible backbone of every great Revolution; we carry spears, shields, forks, guns, bombs or simply our clenched fists with banners in them, every time patiently waiting for the time for the “women’s issue” to come to the fore. Revolutions are to be feminist or there will be none! We have no intention of polishing the relicts of someone else's Revolution! Artefacts of our revolutionS are the shoes of Stamata Revithi, who ran a marathon despite being banned to do so; they are the paintbrushes of Frida Kahlo; the Molotov of Sylvia Rivera, defending the Stonewall; the sari of Phoolan Devi, Bandit Queen; the poems of Bronislawa Wajs Papusza; the bus seat that Rosa Parks never gave up; the gun of  Yaa Asantewaa, that she aimed at the British colonialism; the blood of the Bosnian women, raped at the house “Karaman kuća”; the ashes of Elenka Rotter and Elenka Šauperl, burned for witchcraft in Hrastovec; the frequencies of Hedy Lamarr; SCUM Manifesto of Valerie Solanas. We do not wish to worship them, freeze them into the glass case of the history – we want to continue where they have ended. We want our blood to boil and our wings to grow by the stories about their fighting spirit. We have no leader, we do not bow before icons – we have sisters who inspire and encourage us to stop spitting in our bowls* and, instead, rather spit on the Revolution that has betrayed us. That we can stop sucking cocks without offending anyone. That we can tear away from the demands of maternity, precarity, household chores, pleasing,  complying  willingness, decency, normality, monogamy, the role of a victim, or a (hetero)sexual object and any other pressures that make us burst at the seams. We shall un-stitch (ourselves) and spread until we, the unfucked feminazis rule the world. Or at least fly to the Moon on a broom.

The Uprising Social Workers, at the current Red Dawns, present already their third feminist calendar; this time in the form of an exhibition of photographs, texts, videos, sculptures and paintings that have been created in the four years of our activity. The exhibition opening will be accompanied by a performance.

Co-organized by: KUD Anarhiv.

*          to stop shooting ourselves in the foot


Why do you show your tits? What kind of connection is there between banks, trouble at the borders and feminism? Such radical photos will not achieve anything!

Uprising Social Workers' collective want to say goodbye to the exhibition at the Alkatraz Gallery in an interactive way, so we have prepared a guided tour, which will present our work and its message. It will be held on Thursday, 30 March at 17.30 in Slovene language, with the possibility of translation into English.