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Red dawns 10 Beauty and Health With a Smile & PLOTKI

06 March 2009 Red dawns 2009
Web magazine presentation / Discussion

A critical view on women's magazines that sell stereotypical representations of the (beautiful, healthy and ever-smiling) Woman by advocating "pre-tested" guidelines, advices and ultimately more feverish consumption. Ana Grobler's and Sladana Mitrović's interactive web magazine takes an ironic and parodic stand on the vast differences between representations of Woman and women's daily realities.

The virtual magazine is distinguished by good design and appetizing contents that reflect on the usual contents of women's magazines: health, maternity, beauty and sexuality. Magazine's added value is in its attempt to grasp these issues from several sides, including those that are too discomforting and troublesome to appear in women's magazines, especially since the latter are often using the available space for advertising beautifying products, rather than addressing other needs their readers might have. The web magazine is a collaborative work that uses several forms of artistic expression (video, photography, sound, animation, etc.) to confront and challenge those stereotypes of femininity that women's magazines are usually relying on in order to gain profit.

Link to Beauty and Health with a Smile

Authors: Ana Grobler, Sladana Mitrović
Concept and design: Ana Grobler, Sladana Mitrović
Web programming: Marko Gorenc
Co-design: Damjan Fister
Photography: Ana Grobler, Mateja Kogoj Lanza, Olga Björklund
Sound: Kristina Picco, Zarja Tomc
Proof-reading: Lili Anamarija No

The magazine is going to be presented by the authors. In Slovenian. Simultaneous translation to English provided.

PLOTKI (Germany)

International femzine Plotki is based in Berlin and includes feminist rumours, news, art and reports "from around bloc, the East, South-East...". It is a platform for alternative communication, kept together by the ongoing discussion about feminisms - and the need to expand them.

The femzine is going to be presented by the Plotki collective members.

Ana Grobler / Beauty and Health with a smile Ana Grobler / Beauty and Health with a smile Ana Grobler / Beauty and Health with a smile Ana Grobler / Beauty and Health with a smile