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Red Dawns 9 Evelin Stermitz / World of Female Avatars

06 March 2008 Presentation of net art project
Red dawns 9

A project for expanded understanding of women and their relation to their body. By using the internet as an artistic survey media as many different entries from different cultures as possible will be collected.
In English.

Evelin Stermitz

is working on media art projects by using different media like photography, video and net, including installations and conceptual works. The focus of art work is on female and socio-cultural topics. The issues of projects are about gender, role models and the gap between man and woman referring to the theory of Jacques Lacan in terms of "the Other" and the performativity of the body by Judith Butler. Received a scholarship for the postgraduate study of visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana / Slovenia (Prof. Milan Pajk - photography, Prof. Sreco Dragan - video and new media) in the year 2004. Graduated with a Master of Arts degree on the thesis "The Female Body in Context of Media Art" in the year 2007.

2006 New Media Workshop: 2D Mutant Zombies by Dejan Grba, International Summer Art School of the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, 2006 Media class by VALIE EXPORT, International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria, 2004 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Selected exhibitions:

2007 1.3 Festival of Video and New Media Art, Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia / IMAGINING OURSELVES, International Museum of Women, San Francisco, USA / Video Art in the Age of the Internet, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA / cyber feminism past forward, Austrian Association of Women Artists, Vienna, Austria / FILE Rio, Brazil / 2006 and 2007 Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival, F SPACE, Trianon, Paris, France

Evelin Stermitz / Svet avatark