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KUD Mreža, Association for Arts and Culture/ Alkatraz Gallery

Masarykova 24, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Telephone: 386 (0) 1 434 0345

Fax: 386 (0) 1 432 3378



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Jadranka Plut Jadranka Plut, has been the artistic director and curator of the Alkatraz Gallery since 2000. In 2003, she graduated with a degree in art history from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana where she is currently completing her master's degree.
Mobile: + 386 (0) 40 454714

Ana Grobler Ana Grobler, an assistant in the Alkatraz Gallery is an academic painter currently at the postgraduate study of Art Video at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She helps organizing the Exhibitions and takes care of Graphic and Visual communication. She participates in the International Feminist and Queer festival Red Dawns as a member of the visual program team.
Mobile: +386 (0) 31 686 060

Nevena Aleksovski Nevena Aleksovski, graduated painter, at the moment on postgraduate studies  on FDV in Ljubljana, ex European Voluntary Service volunteer in Kud Mreza. Collaborates with Alkatraz Gallery.
Mobile: +386 (0)51 700 203

Sebastian Krawczyk Sebastian Krawczyk, a former volunteer of European Voluntary Service of KUD Mreža association, involved in Metelkova mesto-multimedia support. Sociologist, expert on Slavic languages with a diploma and a translator. As an assistant of  Alkatraz Gallery he is involved with organisation of exhibitions and other works concerning the gallery. Mobile: + 386 40 800 697 E - naslov:




Anabel Karolyn Černohorski Anabel Karolyn Černohorski (1991) graduated Art History at the Faculty Of Arts, University Of Ljubljana in 2013. Currently she is completing her studies at the Department Of Art History. Since 2013, she works at Alkatraz Gallery where she curates and co-curates art exhibitions. Since 2014, she is co-curator and member of the Artistic Committee of Night Window Display Gallery Pešak.  Currently she is a participant at the "On-the-job training for the youth" organized by Employment Service of Slovenia.

Danijela Zajc Danijela Zajc, handy-woman foreverything, from theory to practice.  A member of programm team of the Red Dawns feminist and queer festival and a singer in Glasbena matica Lubljana choir. She is finishing studies of Sociology of Culture  and Pedagogics at the Filozofska fakulteta Ljubljana.  E - address:

Lili Anamarija No, translator and proofreader for English language, searching challenges in artistic creation. She is also a student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. This mixture of interests constitutes her as an excellent translator for art-related topics. E -address:

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